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Double Take

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So I've read a few other posts about people almost breaking their necks looking at our Koups while we're driving. I had my first one yesterday.

I was on my way to work and a couple of guys were in an older eclipse. They passed me up when I was slowing down to go into a gas station, just staring at my Koup like they had no idea what it was. I, of course, got a huge smile on my face. Anyway, I was filling up and sure enough they come pulling in next to me. The one guy hops out and said that it was "pretty funny" how I put a Kia emblem on it to fool other people. I was like "nope, it's a Kia, and a bad*ss one at that." He was really shocked. We sat and chatted for a bit, then played a little cat and mouse for the rest of my ride to work. He said he was really impressed with the looks and performance of my Koup, and when he was ready to trade in his ride, his first stop was going to Kia.
I love my Koup!!!!
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