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Driver Side Lowbeam does not work.

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Noticed my driver side low beam did not turn on. I changed it with new bulbs and it still didn't turn on. I switched it with my passenger side low beam bulb since I knew it worked and it still didn't turn on. Everything else on the driver side still works (High Beams, and turn signal). I checked the low beam relay but I am pretty sure it controls both low beams. But regardless, I switch it with the horn relay since they used the same type of relay and still the same results. Is there a individual fuse that controls one low beam? 2011 Kia Forte Hatch EX.
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Welp, I think I found my answer.
@4:10 mark there is an individual fuse for each side low beam. I'll try and check it later and hope this fixes it.
I just joined the forum to thank you for posting. I was happy when my light went out because I had an extra brand-new one in the glove box. I installed it and no dice. I saw your video and it was the problem! I looked at my old bulb closely and you could see it arched (hence blown a fuse).


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