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During HID install

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I am sorry if this is in the wrong place or anything else you might want to complain about, but I need help ASAP.
I was in the middle of installing HIDs, car was off, went to test and absolutely not an ounce of power; no horn, no key light, nothing. Battery looks like it has voltage, tried jumping anyway, nothing. The battery 1 & 2 fuses are good, iunno what other fuses there would be. I did not cross any wires (oh i am using the relay harness), I did not disconnect the battery. Everything is even back to normal with no luck.
I just remembered i think i had a similar symptom in a different car and it was fixed by resetting the computer by turning the key into different positions. Does anyone know how to do this, i cant find anything on that either.
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Check your grounds for both. I don;t know what kind of kit you ordered.
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