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During HID install

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I am sorry if this is in the wrong place or anything else you might want to complain about, but I need help ASAP.
I was in the middle of installing HIDs, car was off, went to test and absolutely not an ounce of power; no horn, no key light, nothing. Battery looks like it has voltage, tried jumping anyway, nothing. The battery 1 & 2 fuses are good, iunno what other fuses there would be. I did not cross any wires (oh i am using the relay harness), I did not disconnect the battery. Everything is even back to normal with no luck.
I just remembered i think i had a similar symptom in a different car and it was fixed by resetting the computer by turning the key into different positions. Does anyone know how to do this, i cant find anything on that either.
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I've had that happen to me once. remove all your HIDs and harnesses, tighten the positive and negative posts of the battery, and jumpstart if needed. then it will be perfect. thats how mine was fixed.
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