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Bobaguy from Forums

Been meaning to dyno but haven't gotten around to it?
Dyno's too expensive?
Local dyno shops booked? Installed a new mod only to feel no gain on the handy butt dyno?
Well this weekend will be different at Jotech Motorsports located in Garland Texas. This is a limited once in a blue moon offer. Poweraxel's top tuner will br on hand to offer custom tuning at a reasonable price.

We just couldn't miss out on TEXAS..hopefully we can make this happen!!

JULY 10 ~ 11 (Saturday-Sunday)
*Show up early as 9am

Jotech Motorsports, Garland Texas

Payment method (CASH preferred, VISA/MC)

ECU reflash (ONLY):
2.0T - $350 (regularly $499)
3.8 V6 - $375 (regularly $399)

Custom Tuning: $150 /hour

PowerX Module (available for 2.0T only):
$649 purchase w/pre-loaded base tune
$600 purchase w/custom tune

Dyno Fee (paid to the shop):
TBD( number of dyno participants)

DEPOSIT (optional)
$50 deposit will be accepted to secure your spot and to avoid any wait time esp. for custom tuning session.
PayPal to [email protected]

Although we may be able to provide help, neither PowerAXEL nor the hosting tuning shop will be responsible for the installation of your hardware mods should custom tuning be required for it. Prior installation is recommended to save time for you and other participants.

This will be a 2-day event. Get enough rest as it may end up being a "long day" for some people. At the end of the day, it would have been a worthwhile experience!
Since most of us wont be doing any tune the price for 3 runs is only 60 dollars.
I been dying to dyno my car a long time ago, now its the opportunity to do so. I'm in, who else?
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