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Ebay Seat Covers (30$) Black

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These Forte seats get dirty quick, so I decided to protect them. I got them for X-mas and they have been a nice fit (better than expected). The front seat covers fit nicely but the back ones are a little baggy(same thing goes for the head rest). You loose the rear seat folding function . The pictures make them seem faded black, but they are indeed very dark black. For 30$ (USD) it's not bad...
They look like they fit much better than anything I've seen in other cars. I hate seat covers for that reason alone. They never fit right!! You should post an eBay link so anyone else who wants them can find them easily.
yes post it under the ebay section thanks
I fitted some Covers from K-Mart, I like the material. The bottom part of front seats need some more ties to keep covers in place. The rear I used two front seat covers, one I had to stretch a lot but it fitted and I can still use my fold down seats. Anything is better than that light seat colour they put in Kia Cerato base model here (Australia), you would think they would have come up with a more practical colour.
I don't mean to sound rude, but did you make sure to have the openings on the side for the airbags? I can't tell if they are there in the pictures. My biggest problem with universal seat covers is that they do not have openings for the side seat airbags. I haven't looked for custom ones yet, so I have no idea how much they might end up costing.
What kind of material are the seat covers made of?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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