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ECM Recall?

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I'm wondering if any of my fellow forte owners have had this issue, well not issue but recall? I'm currently at my local Kia dealership getting my first oil change and the helpful lady at the desk did a quick recall check and noticed that Kia issued a ECM recall. Long story short, its obviously free of charge so they are fixing it as we speak.

I'm wondering if anyone else got an issue with it or replaced it or whatever relating to the ECM? Thanks dudes
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Nothing here... I went to the dealer all of last week for other problems that were all surprisingly resolved...

there is a TSB out there for the California Fortes "DATA COLLECTION: EXTRACT CALIFORNIA EMISSIONS
DATA FROM ECU (DC001)" 3/25/11
Kia Global Information System (KGIS)

not really a recall...
word word. well good thing they fixed all your problems. yeah the "recall fix" was free of course so i said why not im here
ya i had that changed a while back when i got my oil changed to
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