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ECS Problem... Help!!

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ESC Problem... Help!!

I looked at my dash yesterday and noticed the Electronic Stability Control light was illuminated and it said OFF, so I hit the button. To turn it back on... But the light still stayed on showing off so i turned my car off then back on thinking that would help... But it's still not turning on? Anyone know what's going on. I tried calling my Kia dealer but i can't get in there right away and they have never heard of the issue?
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Does it say somethimg about this in the owner manual???
Yea, go to the dealership if it does not turn off!
thats weird, I normally drive with my traction control off, and it resets every time car is turned off... def go to dealership asap..
I saw this is a somewhat old post, but I've just encountered the same thing today. In my case however, the tcs kicked off and somehow everytime i hit the brakes my ABS was kicking in as well... Now that I've turned TCS off, the carruns a brakes fine, however the TCS will not turn back on.

I will be taking it to the dealer soon, but in the meantime has anyone had any other experience with this?!
Same thing happened to me yesterday. Went back to normal after turned off the engine then back on.
traction control more than likely runs off of the abs system, possible problem with abs? do you guys all have tires bigger/smaller than stock? because abs is calibrated to sense vehicle speed per stock tire size..
maybe this is a tsb to come relating to the tcs/abs systems?
I just had the same problem, the "ecs off" light stayed illuminated after i had turned the car off and on a few times and tried to press the button several times. This problem surfaced the day after i turned my car on and my radio had lost of all its settings, do you think this has any connection at all? Called the dealer and they said it was a glitch and to stay aware and if it happens again to come in and then they will take a look at it.
I have an update: I found that when I restart my car, the ECS is reengaged. However, it disengages as soon as I turn the steering wheel to the left.

It sounds stupid, but that's literally what happens. I can move forward, backward, and turn right, but as soon as the wheel is turned to the left the "ECS off" light comes on and will not reengage.

So I'm assuming there's some misfiring sensor in the steering column? The car drives great even with this not working correctly... I'll have it in soon for my 3000 mile service so I'll fill the dealer's ear about it then. Good luck to everyone else with this issue...
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