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Just wanted to provide an update on issues that I've had resulting in over 10 days total in the shop to fix over 3 visits:

1. Sirius radio, after 1 year of great operation, started to lose the signal in several areas that I never had before. The radio was replaced ($595) under warranty with no change. After contacting their tech support it turns out that about a dozen cars nationwide had the same issue and it turned out to be the antenna mount. Replaced and working great.

2. The bluetooth buttons on the steering wheel would sometimes get "mixed up" and do other functions. After a few visits before they could recreate the issue, they replaced all of the buttons and that appears to have solved the issue. It actually started out that when a call came in, I would click on to accept but it would hang up instead.

I have had the brake switch replaced once and it appears to be going again but this time it didn't register a code in the computer so I have to wait for the ESC to stay on again.

Otherwise, the car is operating fantastic. I'm getting up to 38mpg highway and 31 highway/city combination.

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