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Manual says 4L for oil change. I only put 3.5L and my dipstick is showing just above the half point mark. Last time I put 4L I remember having my dipstick above the full line, so this oil change I put less to not risk overfill. But shouldn't the 4L in the manual bring the oil level to the halfway mark? Then you have the +/- for fudge?

Anyone else experienced that putting the amount in the manual brings the oil level above the F mark?
Any car of any brand will state the theoretical dry quantity of oil in the user manual, and it is always calculated to the maximum mark. However, when you drain, about 0.4l stays in the engine, won't drain. If you overfill by e.g. 0.3l it won't matter. While the engine is running, or immediately after, you'll show max. or slightly below.
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