I just have a few questions mainly concerning the 2017 kia forte engine and transmission swapping so My question is can I swap my Kia forte Engine with the transmission into a 2015 Chevy sonic now ima aware of the 2 different model vehicles the engine and transmissions are very similar im Looking to swap my Kia engine and transmission Bc I’ve had this car for a years and it’s bc I’ve been working on it it caught fire up under wear the junction box was (WAS) as I replaced this entire junction box myself was not fun 2 days for me as the splicing of every damn wire was a issue only bc I decided to buy just junction box instead of entire wiring but nonetheless the reason for the car still sitting is for the fact I fried the ecu when I put it out with Red Bull after the sum bitch was blazing away 16ounces 2 cans of Red Bull to be exact but hey here we’re are 2 years later we’ll the car has a damn good engine and Transmission sum bitch only has 64000 original miles on it and had 64 000 wen I bught the damn thing any way I need this engine and transmission to fit this sonic body with all the electrical connections and this sonic ecu i need this Kia engine to comunication With the sonic ecu or if they is another way around that ecu default for the kias plz let me no im in major assistance