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Everyone's Happy?

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I've noticed that there are not many posts on the 5 door forum. The car is new and there aren't that many out there, so that could be the reason. Or everyone is just happily driving around and not finding much to comment on.

I know that I'm happy with the car and have not found many reasons to post. I still find the gas pedal too light and get a pain in my ankle after about an hour of driving. Other than that, it seems to be a great car.

When I had my Mazda RX8 and BMW 528i, the forums were very lively. Both of these cars needed constant maintenance and I was always looking to try to find answers to the many problems. With the Kia, I don't have any problems.

I think we need to get started with some "upgrades" to our cars with dubious changes such as carbon fiber wiper arms and LED wheel well lights. Let's have some fun!
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I feel the same with both issues and the lackluster MPG.
I'm happy with my EX so far. I hear you on the pedals though! I still need to finish up a few mods and I will let it be for awhile.
I dont have my Forte 5 yet, will be getting it within the next 30 days.

I actually have not even seen one on the road here in the Seattle area yet - i think they are still too new, need more time for more of them to get sold.

yes, the RX8 and 5 series forums are going to be much busier. Those cars are more "enthusiast" type cars - guys want to be on forums more with those cars - as opposed to the Forte 5.

We can still have fun here - I just dont think we will have tons and tons of members with the Forte-5.
speaking or RX8's anyone wanna buy mine so i can get a forte-5?

I realy dont think that car wants me to get rid of it. and keeps coming up with more stuff for me to fix now more than usual
I already bought my Forte 5 and coming close to paying for it just with the gas savings alone....I still have my RX8...funny that we have a few RX8 owners/former owners on here. I'm selling my 2004 RX8 as I don't want the extra payment and this is now my daily driver.

I really do like this car a lot. I had only a couple minor issues (clock and cruise) both of which have been fixed by TSBs..all new ones sold as of 3 weeks ago should have the TSB already applied.

Anyways I'm looking for a roof rack for mine :)
Yeah I tried getting a rack but they don't have the proper measurements and I'm not sure if I'll need the $125 short roof adjustment >.> so I'm gonna wait til Thule comes out with a measurement guide.
The problem is that kia dose not advertise the forte 5 as they should . i have seen the new kia optima comercial about 8 times in a 3 hour tv period( various channels).I know that the optima is the flagship car for kia but not everyone wants a sedan . How many commercial have i seen for the forte 5 ZERO. The only commercial i have ever seen the hatch was the one that they advertise all their cars at one time.

You want people to buy anything you must advertise period.
Would google and moto sold that many motorola droid phones with out proper advertising .....NO .

They need a project car that could be taken to car shows to be displayed for the younger (car tuneres ) out there . Just like the civic became what it has become .
with all that after market support .

It is ALL up to KIA to make this happen . I promise you that if this dose happen then you will see forte 5 every where . plain and simple
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yeah but KIA is nervous, they're the new kid on the block and are quite reasonably afraid to jump into the hot hatch market. It is a niche market.
yeah but KIA is nervous, they're the new kid on the block and are quite reasonably afraid to jump into the hot hatch market. It is a niche market.
yes but if this was the case the hyndai tiburon would have not had a large after market support if hyndai did not take a risk. I remember i could see a lot of modded tiburons on the street after 2 years of release .

im hopping this will happen to the forte 5
Well, the Forte 5-door is an econo-box. I mean that in a good way but people buy these cars because they are cheap, cheerful, and have huge warranties.

And it seems the Forte 5-door already comes with most of the modifications that people like to do...

--Aluminum wheels
--Throaty exhaust (my wife says she can hear the car from down the street).
--Rear wing.

One thing I don't like about my Forte is somehow the front windshield has waves in it possibly caused by the last cold spell. It wasn't wavy before the cold spell.
Interesting about the throaty exhaust. In the car, I can hear the engine, but not the exhaust. I'll have to have someone else drive it away, so I can hear it.

After 5500 miles, I'm still happy with the car. The interior plastics could be of higher quality, but there are acceptable. Also, on the highway, on certain surfaces, the road noise is fairly high. I'm wondering if it's the Goodyear tires that are to blame.
I drove the Ex and the SX side by side, within a few minutes of each other, over the same road. I thought the SX had noticeably louder tire thrumming.
The tires are very loud. In about 4,000 miles Ill be putting some new tires and ceramic pads on it.
What tires came with your guys 5's? Mine has continental premiums. They aren't great but I haven't heard any tire noise. Maybe because I'm used to the noise from a lifted jeep with 33" Mud Terrains xD
Mine are Goodyear Eagle LS2. They are generally pretty quiet, but on coarser road surfaces, they get loud. I checked on Tire Rack and they do not get very high ratings. Surprisingly, they are used on lot on SUV's. In the ratings, few people said they would buy them again. I'm in that category.
I would love to see a rally'd out forte 5
Doesn't look like KIA is giving much support to the 5 though.
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