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ex 16" insert size?

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what are the size of the stock ex koup center caps and what is the paint code for the wheels

thanks for any help
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i dont think there is a paint code for the stock ex 16" alloys. and you could prolly measure the circumfrence of the caps by taking the diameter of them and multiplying it by 3.14... if you dont mind me asking, why are you looking for a paint code for the wheels?
i hate how the stock koup wheels say kia. i got the k badges and now i want a blank center cap for the gun metal 16" rims. i planned on painting the new center caps to match the stock wheels.
i call a dealer and he said all he would have are stock ones and only part #s, not sizes
well you could prolly easily paint the stock caps the color of the wheels. and i may be wrong but you might be able to find a match at a local car place like autozone or something. goodluck tho
The stock EX wheels matched my Titanium Silver body color perfectly. The paint code for Titanium Silver is IM. That's probably what you're looking for.

As for the diameter of the center cap, I'm not sure. I think it's somewhere on these forums.

EDIT: I found a cap replacement on eBay for a Kia Forte Koup and it says 59mm. It doesn't specify EX or SX but I'm pretty sure they share the same cap size.
cool thanks yall
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