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Extreme Dimensions needs a Koup hood/trunk for development

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I recently inquired to about developping parts for the Koup. They are entertaining the idea of developping, but they need someone who's willing to give them their OEM hood(you don't get it back). You'll get the developped carbon fibre hood of course, but not for 10 weeks. You'll be hoodless for that long. If anyone is interested in doing this, call Ken @ Extreme Dimensions. 714-278-8000 Ext 19.
they're located in Fullerton, CA. Since I'm in Canada, it's a little harder for me to do this. Anways, hopefully somebody will take one for the team.
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wonder if I can ship it too them?
I called left a message all they can do is say yes or no right?
dam free carbon hood to be hoodless for 10 weeks im down lol, gonna give them a call today, thanks for the info man
Hey I know these people, bought stuff from them before... good deals.. although their "dura-flex" is not as great as it seems, it will still break, and after a while, the fiberglass warps and doesn't look as smooth..
after emailing with Ken, i wasn't told of any cost, so it's up for debate if the hood ends up being free. you'd think it would be since you don't get your OEM hood back. i figured I'd try and get some people down in California on this. I emailed Kaminari Aerodynamics after seeing a reverse cowl hood that they make for the Accord and other cars. they told me to email extreme dimensions. I told Ken I liked the Kaminari design reverse cowl hood, so I hope thats the direction they go. I also suggested extreme dimensions should become a site sponsor on here. so we'll see.

@rainyraven - Ken had told me he was gonna approach the boss about the situation, so hopefully it's just a matter of time before the ball gets rolling and he'll be in touch with you.
Reverse cowl hood for the win! I've been waiting a long time for someone to make one, I already have money put away for it. Keep us updated!
Thanks for the update Crossing my fingers on this one.
And thanks for posting this stuff up :)
I was intouch with a local company here in sudbury that can do fibreglass or injection plastic (i think) but they said the cost would be so much to make the first and the mold....Big money investment needed...Hope fully this one takes off and finished product looks good....Subscribing to thread.
@ FOX - yeah, that's the one from Kaminari I was taking a liking to. Here's the reverse cowl on a ScionTC:
K060615 - 2005-2009 Scion tC Hood Reverse Cowl - FRP | Kaminari
it's too bad there's nobody up here to develop somethin.

@ Raven - i'm crossin my fingers with you so they can get somethin fabricated. are you a fan of the reverse cowl(like the pics on the thread) or somethin else?
I do like the reverse cowl alot.. I'd be happy with that :)
also had a thought to do something like the concept koup hood only have working vents in the indent parts, I think that would be neat too
can you post a pic of the Koup concept hood?
sure let me dig it up one sec :)

Its just a thought, the reverse cowl might be the better choice looking at this again idk thou what do you think?
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