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Ez lip on the forte sedan

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Has anyone installed the ez lip kit on their forte sedan? Just bought a set and curious how you guys did the small dip in the middle of the bumper, and did you have to remove the black trim piece under the bumper. Need some help here..
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Hey there! I installed an EZ Lip on my Koup, but it's the same for the sedan.
Basically, the 3M tape is there just as a temporary guide for installation, what I did is that i wasn't stingy around the small dip, making sure that there is no gap. For some added support I used some screws to fix that sucker in place, this was recommended to me by multiple friends that also have EZ Lips or Samurai Lips.
The rule they follow is screw every foot or so, include one just before and also right after the small dips on the bumper. There is no need to cut a "V" shape. just make sure to make it even. It helps to have at least 2 people doing the job.

Hope this helps you and can't wait to see how the finished product looks! Please share :)
If you can, definitely post pictures or the install! I'm hoping to put a lip on my koup soon. I was looking at a Mazda 3 front lip, but I'm still looking around for good options
If anyone has pictures of a EZ lip, please post it. Not certain on how it will look, might go for garden siding :biggrin2:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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