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I just sold my 2000 Toyota Echo, and am seriously looking at a 2011 Forte Sedan LX with manual transmission. They definitely seem hard to find, everyone has EX's and SX's, but finding an LX with manual transmission is another issue.

I've started collecting prices from dealers via e-mail, but none seem to want to drop below $15,500 and after the current $1000 incentive, gives me a price of $14,500 before fees, title, and taxes.

I've looked at TrueCar, and there's an average around $14,300 (after the $1000 incentive) but after looking at the fine print the real price ends up being higher. I've outright given dealers the numbers I'm seeing, but they won't budge.

Is $15,500 a fair price or should I push the dealers more? Any advice? Would I be better off waiting?

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