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farthest you've drown in your forte

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some of you may have saw my other post about looking into getting a kia forte.

me and the family are planning our annual trip to florida, but to take the auto train from VA to Fl which means we have to drive to VA from NJ, which is about 3-4 hrs or more depending on traffic. Then an hr to our final destination once we get off the train. All together on the car it would be 477.20 miles. I know its not much, but I was just wondering where's the farthest you've drove in your Forte? How long after you brought it did you take the drive?

thanks in advance :)
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Personally I drive from Sudbury to Toronto and back once a month (390 KMs one way or 242 miles one way), but Nordic Wagon here on the Forum drove from Brampton to New Foundland and back with his Koup.
hes from the US, he doesnt know KMs or where your talking about lol LOL for the unaware...LOL...
little over 500 miles from SC to Kentucky. Me Wife and 7yr old stepson. I dont remember anyone complaining of discomfort. little over 9 hours one way in a day. I drive a 2010 koup averaged about 33mpg on the trip.
hes from the US, he doesnt know KMs or where your talking about lol
she's* but yeah your right lol
300 miles one way. 500 miles roundtrip in one day
In January I drove with my girlfriend from Southern Maryland to NYC, to Northern NH, to Boston, then back to Southern Maryland. The whole trip ended up being about 1,350 miles. The longest leg of the drive was Boston to Southern Maryland, which ended up being around 580 miles.

The koup did great overall for the trip... once we got into Vermont and New Hampshire the gas mileage dropped because the weather was very cold and it was snowing a lot of the time. It was DIRTY when we got back home.

(This trip was over the couse of about 4 days, Boston to Southern Maryland was in one night though)
wait did i miss read the title??????is she going to "DROWN" her family in the forte?
"drown" :confused:... wtf? Is english not your first language?
I read that first, suprised it took so long for someone to point this out. I have driven to east north carolina and that was roughly 500 miles and did that one day, and did again the way back two days later.
:pyup... pretty sure she is going to kill her family

drown (droun)
v. drowned, drown·ing, drowns 1. To kill by submerging and suffocating in water or another liquid.
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My wife and I drove our Koup SX from Calgary, to Lethbridge, to Cranbrook, to Spokane, to Seatle, to Vancouver, to Kamloops back to Calgary over a long weekend. Approximately 2800 KM or 1700 miles. The car drove flawlessly the entire way. All in was around 24 hours of driving. My butt wasn't even tired of the drivers seat at the end of it all. You should have no problems driving long distances.
farthest ive driven was a 9hr round trip in one day from san antonio texas to Garland, texas.
wait did i miss read the title??????is she going to "DROWN" her family in the forte?
i realized that once i posted it and didn't know if i could go back & change it
I dont think I could drive 9 hours and still be in the same state. These cars are great for trips since they have best of both worlds, amazing features like satilite radio, comfortable seats for long drives.
i drove 1200 miles round trip no prob except the ac headunit
I drove my little koup from Az To Mo.. I can't remember exactley how many miles it is but If I remember correctly its close to 2,000 did this in 2 days so at a thousand miles a day.. I have to say I was really comfortable in the car never had any issues with back pain or butt cramps lol ;)

It was kind of a fun trip, even thou I was pressed on time
i drive a total of about 50 miles a traffic...its super comfortable..justtt manual in haha
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