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FIAMM Low Note Horn Install

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So unlike the ones who have installed a complete horn replacement using either the Hella Supertones like D113 and Koup SXR, or the FIAMM high/low like BigE, or even the PIAA ones, I decided to keep the stock horn and just add a second low tone - got the FIAMM Freeway Blaster 130db 405hz horn.

So I made my way out to CanadianTire and picked up the horn for $28, and having run out of most of my connectors I bought quite a bit of stuff..

Things you will need
- New Horn (FIAMM 405hz low tone)
- Female Spade connectors (multiple)
- 8mm Ring Connectors multiple
- Standard Automotive Relay
- 16 AWG Wire
- Heavy Duty Inline Fuse holder
- 10 or 20 Amp Fuse (depending if you are doing 1 or 2 add on horns)
- 18-22 AWG Wire Splicers
- Wireloom
- Wire-ties
- Electrical tape

Tools you will need
- Ratchet
- 8mm Socket
- 10mm Socket
- Flat + Philips head screw drivers
- Wire cutters and crimps

First: Wire Prep (Indoors)
1. Used the provided ground ring and female spade and connected it to the horn
2. Prep the relay
87 - Positive to New Horn (1 foot) (female spade - female spade)
30 - Positive from Battery with Inline fuse (3 feet) (female spade - inline fuse holder - 10mm ring)
86 - Line to tap into old horn positive (pink) (6 inches) (female spade - open cable)
85 - Ground (1 foot) (female spade - 8mm ring)

Verify that the cables have connectivity from end to end with a multimeter.

Second: Head out to the car and remove the lights and bumper
Bumper Removal Video - Thanks to BigE! (->
Written Instructions..
1. Remove 3 plastic screws underneath the bumper and a 8mm in each wheel well
2. Remove 4 top plastic above grill
3. Remove headlight bolts
4. Tape below headlights and the top corner of each light
5. Unplug both headlights and remove
6. Pop the 3 tabs under each headlight
7. Tape edge between bumper and fender
8. Place rag beneath bumper as it might fall on the next step
9. Pop from white clip where bumper meets fender
10. Pop 3 tabs between bumper and fender with flat head (I did not need to do this the bumper popped off at step 9 for me
11. Disconnect fog lights if you have them
12. Remove bumper from front - hold from beneath the headlights

Third: Mount the new horn.
1. Mount the new horn using an existing bolt and connect the 1 ground 8mm ring from the relay to the same bolt after scraping the paint off. (relay port 85)

Fourth: Connect all the cables.
1. Splice into the pink cable connected to the existing horn (do not cut if you intend to use the existing horn) (relay port 86)
2. Connect the female spade to the new horn (relay port 87)
3. Connect the female spade to the relay and the opposite end positive ring terminal with the inline fuse to the battery (relay port 30)

Fifth: Test the horn!
( i had a ground problem where I did not scrape enough paint off)

Sixth: Wireloom all the cables and mount the relay to a hole with a wire tie. (Wire tie wirelooms if necessary)

Seventh: Test the horn again!

Finally!.. Put the bumper and lights back on/in!

Here is a short video (WATCH IN HD for better sound) showing the differences between stock / low-tone / stock+low tone! I will get around to getting a video of me actually honking the horn.. its wayyy louder!

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i kinda like the sorta delay (not the garage one)
gotta make your horn sound good and different.

i had to use my "girly" horn today- an effin suburban driven by a @#[email protected] [email protected]$!!$@#
she decided that because there was a bus stopped in her lane (righthand side)
that my lane (lefthand/inside lane on 2 way road)was plenty good to come on over to.......
as i see her swinging into my lane- i am hitting everything on the steering wheel not hearing the horn......ended up - making radio louder- changing stations- turning cruise control on- slamming on brakes cuz i saw the other bus coming in the opposite lane- praying no one was behind me as i let the [email protected][email protected]$ in the [email protected]#$@# suburban ease into my lane........when i realized that the high pitched noise i was hearing was my horn. doh.
heck- i wish i had one of those railroad horns- i betcha i could have got that damn suburban right back into the bus lane .......
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for the most part- the buses here in tampa stay in the right hand lane (i think it has to do with all the cameras on the buses)
....and anytime they even step on the brakes- they have alsorts of lights lighting up- even the famous "STOP" one - (yes- a light that says stop...)

it wasnt an avg teen that pissed me off with her crazy assed 'avoid the big ass bus lit up to stop' avoidence move ..........
it was a middle aged lady- who then - to avoid acknowledging her boneheaded move---
she holds up a cell phone up to her ear as an excuse!!!!

never a simple 'whoops i made a mistake' guesture.......just- "oh look- i got a phone call........"
i got stuck following her for another 10 or so blocks- and the whole time i could see her 'talking' on her cell phone ......

i am pretty laid back- but - at that point- i wanted one of those damn railroad train horns- so that the person she was talking with would have ended up deaf.......

so yeah- i like the idea of "two car horns" better than one-
now to see how to rig that set up with one of those effin train horns to drive the point home....
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