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finally LED strip installed!!

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finally got them installed just went step by step from the DYI section...worked great x)
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looks great, was there some lights in the grill too? or was that a reflection? Lookin forward to seein your ride in person:)
ya theres lights inside the grill to :)..ya same man i cant wait for the meet up!
looks good, little advice for the grill though. you should put the led lights on the bottom on the grill and face them up so they light up the whole grill. that would look pretty cool. but its your car, if you like it how it is then keep it. the grill lights work off the same switch as the led strips?
ya thats a great idea...really good idea lol im like imagining it now haha would look sick! thats my next experiment! and yes there both tapped into my parking when my parking lights on there on :)
you should seriously consider running a seperate switch for the grills lights if you're going to run them the way i suggested. only because now they arent considered driving lights but off road use only type. probably be safer from getting pulled over lol
Looks good man. Love the flag by the way! :)
it looks really nice, if I'm gonna install some light for my car, is the flexible LED strip also fit or it's better to use same as yours? :confused:
Flexible LED strips??

I LOVE this's my next project....any tips??
I LOVE this's my next project....any tips??
Do it. This was my first mod, and got me addicted to mod/upgrading this car!
Do it. This was my first mod, and got me addicted to mod/upgrading this car!

Very nice! I just put in LED interior accents myself... I'm in love with them! If you're interested...I have a step-by-step write up :)

Happy customizing!! :cool:
Brunoo the flexible strips willl work man that's what mine are..buut get the longer ones because the shorter ones look kindaa icky =/ andd get them in WHITE not purple blue like mine are..havnt got pulled over by the cops yet...but no joke every cop I pass by eyes go straightt to my lights..noot my expired tabs oo nooo not that lmao butt the lights..and advice ii can give is follow step by step the guid in the DIY section in the forums..the only thing I did diff. Is add the lights in the grille and connect all of them to my parking lights...good luck =)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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