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That's the same reason i got my forte. I got approved on the Genesis and everything, budget wise it was pushing the limits but still feasable. I stepped back and said "i could make these payments, my minimum student loan payments and be happy with paying my student loan in 10 years. Or i can get a car for $100 less a month, put that $100 on my student loan and have it paid off much sooner"

And to be honest, that Genesis is great, but it kind of lacks the "thrill" a sports coupe needs. I drove a mustang and challenger and they were much funner than the genesis. Hyundai'll have that fixed in a few years though and they're going to kick ass with it.
couldn't have agreed more. Same situation for me I am still on the boat of whether or not i really do NEED a car at the moment. I would be driving it for pleasure.

sucks but sometimes you gotta be mature and be responsible. Welcome to growing up! haha

So far im in the waiting game but will stay active in both forums
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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