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First time buyer any tips?

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Going to attempt my first personal car buy tomorrow on a Forte Koup. My choices are between a MSRP EX for 19995 or an SX for 21140.

Now ive read around of people around here getting their cars for 17500 -18000.

Any tips on getting a car this low? I know getting the car around Invoice- which is around 18.5 to 20 thousand is usually the goal but im wondering how some people got their car so low.

I got about 14000 for a down payment and im not trading any car in.
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I bought my Fully loaded SX Koup for a little over 20 out the door so those numbers seem a bit high to me. Maybe look at different sealers around u to get the best price. Since you're putting so much money down, your payments r gunna be rly low so either way it's good for u. Good luck man!
Honestly, I don't remember being an opening price. If I remember correctly, my credit situation wasn't great and I basically went with a monthly payment figure and then that seemed to make out the price of the car but when it was all said and done, it was just over 20. It depends on your region, the desperate-ness (for the lack of a better word) of the dealer and credit and down payment. If u went to a dealer and told them u have 14 to put down and tell them exactly what YOU want, if your credit is good or great, im sure you'll get what u want. Try and get them to throw in some stuff like oil changes for 3 or 5 yrs and/or an iPod cable and cargo net. Some of the little stuff they can just throw in.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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