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First time buyer any tips?

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Going to attempt my first personal car buy tomorrow on a Forte Koup. My choices are between a MSRP EX for 19995 or an SX for 21140.

Now ive read around of people around here getting their cars for 17500 -18000.

Any tips on getting a car this low? I know getting the car around Invoice- which is around 18.5 to 20 thousand is usually the goal but im wondering how some people got their car so low.

I got about 14000 for a down payment and im not trading any car in.
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I got mine. 2010 Koup SX manual, with sunroof. for 18,600 OTD. this included the 6% PA tax and all the fees for titles and registration. so i worte a check for 18,600 and drove off with it in my name.

It wasn't easy, took me 2 month of research, then i closed the deal in less than half an hour. so just do you're research in advance, try all the dealerships. (it also works to call dealership saying that you have an offer for xxxxx from YYY dealership, and ask if they can do better for that color) My sticker price for mine was 19,500 + 1500 in tax and fees
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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