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First time pulled over in the koup!

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Well, it happened today around lunch... I was making a left hand turn and I may have done it a little faster than most people would. I'm usually pretty observant of law enforcement around when I do stuff like that, but somehow I missed this guy. More than half a mile later he lit me up and I actually thought he was gonna go around me, but when I pulled over, he pulled in behind me! DAMN!

The first thing he said to me was "you made that left turn like a bat outta hell!" I couldn't help it and answered " really? it didn't seem like I was going that fast... new car, and it corners pretty well! " I figured I was screwed anyway. Next he said, nice car, what is it? (I already had it debadged) When I told him it was a KIA he said, yeah right! I told him to check the reg and ins card. He was pretty blown away. Anyway, I actually got off with a warning.
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smooth talking man. ive gotten pulled over twice since feb :0 and i had to pay a nice amount of money for the tickets lol
I get pulled over at least once a week!! Lol but I drive like an idiot so I guess it makes sense
good job getting a warning. maybe cuz you told the truth. lol.
First and only time for me was a DUI, stupid stupid me.
Wow, no need to have a woman driving in the car to help you get out of the ticket. The car did it for you. That's awesome.
good job getting a warning. maybe cuz you told the truth. lol.
LOL, I think it's where I live here in the NE. When I lived in San Diego, I got tix several times a year! That's why I pretty much say what's on my mind at this point, the SDPD would've given me two tix for pulling what I did here!!LOL

The actual truth was that I was trying to see if I could get the rear of the Koup to slide a little with the stability control off :)
LOL at Killed In Action and MtnGoat. I've done the same screwing around, but I do it out in the country, not in town. I have a nice 1 mile straight-away on the next road over from my house and a 1/4 mile 1 1/2 lane wide track right next to my house where I like to check the peel out capabilities.
You sound excited.
Knock on wood i have to been stoped yet but i know it is comming i have a hard time keeping her under 80mph!!
two tickets in the forte here, one on what I thought was a 45mph road (50 in a 35) and one at 5am with no traffic and perfect weather in what I thought was a 45mph zone (47 in a 35)
I've paid 200 so far and owe the lawyer 327 now.
lol no tix for me yet. *knocks on wood*

Ive driven 60 in a 35 messin around with a Honda Ridgeline (truck) he was messin with me so naturally i push back :D

I ALSO did 80 in a 45 just because a little S10 (again a truck lol) was doin 90 somethin so i figured a cop would light the truck before me. But i know where the cops hide in my areas and I RARELY go over the limit THAT much, my usual is 5 over
I did 117 in a 50 once!!! Lmao
HAHA I topped that! 125 in a 60 racing a tibby (that i beat)
125 but chickened out (not racing)

and as for longest speeding: 20 miles going 90 with a 09-10 2dr Civic si on 119N (not racing just playing around, he was my rabbit)
I don't think the forum condones reckless driving like that. There are speed limits for a reason, please follow the law no one is above it.
You sound excited.
LOL, Yeah, I guess that title does kinda come across that way. It's more of a surprise to me that I DIDN'T get a ticket though. Out of all the the times I've been pulled over ( and there are many!) I think I can remember only getting a warning once. I just expect to get a ticket, so I was really really surprised that I didn't this time... especially in the koup!
I had lights put on me a few times, but never pulled over. The RCMP have a tendancy of doing this. If you're in opposite lanes they'll throw the lights on to scare you into slowing down. Other times when they're in a speed trap they'll put the lights on and chase you just to pass ya when you pull over.

I was stopped several times in my old Rio though. Not for speeding, that thing got dangerous after 110km/h, but i'd get stopped for "a standard traffic stop" because they would always think my car was unsafe for the road or that it didn't have/an expired MVI. As crappy as the car was i always made sure it was taken care of and safe to drive.
100 in a 35. sorry. no traffic though=]

120 in a 55. (slight traffic in the right lane, i was in the left getting chased by a boosted STI), needless to say i got my ass whooped after 120.

I was ahead till 115, then by the time i hit 120, he passed me at minumum 160+

and i did

90 in 35, no traffic

That being said, i have to say:

Forteforums does not condone, nor does it support reckless driving/ speeding/ street racing/ or any illegal activities
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