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Finally getting my foglights instaled. Will uplaod pics as soon as I finish!
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well theyre in, buuuuuut its raining like crazy so no pics til tomorrow :( but it looks totally complete now. the only thing really noticeable that is different from my ex and the sx's out there is the sunroof and thats coming up. since i saved quite a bit on new wheels and tires by just painting mine, im gunna get a sunroof installed. just not sure if its gunna be a manual one or an electric... any suggestions? oh and every EX on the lot at my dealer has a sunroof and all black interior... so weak lol
electric and are the fog light housing gloss or flat. cant wait to see some pics
electric and are the fog light housing gloss or flat. cant wait to see some pics
They're the gloss ones but you honestly can't really tell the difference
alright, it cleared up. here's a rainy pic haha


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Looks just like stock ones on the sx, great job!!!!
How are they wired up? They look good on your car but I still think the glossy black would not look good on my black car, I dunno. I actually contacted the guy on ebay who sells these fogs about getting the flat black but he said he cannot, that's too bad.
Well I'm pretty sure you can paint em flat black but they're not wired up at all. Just for show. Nest is audi led strip mod on the headlight! And that's already on its way
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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