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For sale only

2011 KIA FORTE KOUP EX 2.0 engine with 140 miles on it.
There is nothing wrong with it, it has the typical engine tick, unfortunately, there are no good and trusty mechanics where I live. Took it to several places for a diagnostic about that ticking noise none of them were able to find a thing. Had it at Kia dealer for several days for the same reason and still nothing.
Finally got tired of hearing that noise in the morning and decided to get another engine, had the shop swap it, and turns out the engine that was installed has the same engine noise. I'm starting to think it may not be the engine after all. Everything attached and showed in the pictures is included. Moving and won't have space for it at the new place, need this gone ASAP,
If anyone is interested feel free and DM for price. I'll add some pictures of the engine.


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