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New For Sale Rules effective April 24, 2014. Marketplace sections will be cleaned by 4/27.

These rules cover all For Sale, Trade, and Want To Buy threads and are here to help ensure a safe and friendly transaction. Posts that violate these rules can be deleted without warning.

General Rules
(applies to all marketplace thread types):
  1. In order to post items, members must have >50 posts or have been a member for 3 months.
  2. No COMMERCIAL posting allowed except by supporting vendors. Group buys must be approved by moderation team prior to posting.
  3. Threads may be "bumped" by the OP once per day up to the 30 day maximum.
  4. All threads expire after 30 days and will be deleted. The OP can post items again after 30 additional days have elapsed. Example: Original post started on 4/1, expires on 5/1. OP must wait until 6/1 to repost.

Posting Rules
  1. All titles must have the type at the beginning followed by the description. "Testing Waters" threads are not permitted.
    FS=For Sale Only
    FT=For Trade Only
    FS/FT=For Sale or Trade
    WTB=Want To Buy
  2. All selling conditions must be stated in the first post when the thread is opened. This is for both buyer and seller protection. Changing the rules of the sale after the thread has been started will lead to an immediate thread closure - no questions asked.
  3. List all items with an accurate description. A complete description will help prevent multiple responses or PMs asking "Is it damaged?" or "Does it have X with it?"
    NIB=New In Box
  4. Each and every part/cable/component that comes with it is required to be in the photo(s). The exception to that rule would be if the item(s) clearly specify that it is "unopened and sealed from the factory" (NIB).
  5. When selling multiple items like wheels or anything sold in sets, pictures must be taken with each individual item by itself showing any damage.
  6. Legible photos of each item must be included at time of posting. There will be no "I'll post pics later" permitted. Each photo must include a handwritten note with the following information:
    Your username
    Today's date
NOTE: Using picture editing software to add this information will not be allowed.


Responding to posts
  1. DO NOT post in a for sale thread unless you are interested in purchasing the item (unless you are the OP). This includes bumping and low balling. The For Sale area is not for whoring.
  2. No Public Bid-Wars or Price Bashing! Show common courtesy to the person that is selling their item. Do not reply to the post in a negative manner, with "I will sell anyone the same spoiler for $20.00 or less!". If you can offer it cheaper, start your own sale post. Don't encroach on another member's sale post. That is thread jacking and is a warnable offense.
  3. "Low Balling" in the Marketplace is not allowed. This includes comments on price, where to get it cheaper, or any inflammatory remarks.
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