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Racechip S - part number 903570 - $200 shipped OBO see below for price.

Fits 1.6t equipped Forte SX's and most other Kia/Hyundai's with that gen g4fj.

It has 5 levels. I only ever went up to level 3. It seemed to hold boost around 21 psi per my boost gauge (which seems to match up with my torque app without the Racechip) without pulling timing. That would be roughly a 25-30 crank horsepower increase on the middle setting which is close to the advertised 32 hp increase.

Only has maybe 2,000 miles of use.

I used 93 octane and colder HKS spark plugs. Racechip doesn't necessarily say these are needed but they're not a bad idea.

Selling because... I'm not sure. I work from home now and barely drive my car.

Pros - increases boost, is cheap, easy to install, easy to adjust (maybe if the wife is nice and fills up your car with 87 octane lol)
Cons - its not a full tune (this is more akin to a boost controller that does very limited thinking)

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