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Forgot to post this: D113's build log #7... better rear deck deadening

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Once you get some serious power in your trunk, you'll need to do a bit better deadening/buffering/isolation of the rear deck from the rear window.

I did this mod a while back but I will be adding my clay 'duct seal' to add even more weight to the rear deck. (I'll update this thread when I do it.)

Anyways, I went to Canadian Tire and bought this foam tubing that goes around copper pipe in houses. Not all crappy tires have this one... this one has a glued-on rubber tab along it's length that has a stick back.

Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
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I removed the first rubber and added this.

I also added sound deadener in the bigger areas.

The most important one is the center one above the brake light as that's the point that contacts the window.

I don't have a picture of this but I 'Sharpee'd' the foam to get it darker.

It works VERY well... but I still plan to add the duct seal to get the weight up.

It may look like it's noticeable, and a little bit HACK, but you don't notice it after a while and it's worth the ugly-ness.

I may also re-do this with a completely solid strip along the entire width.. but for now, here you go!


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Looks awesome!... Do you have any quick tips on how to remove the plastic rear deck?
Also... Have any pics of it installed?
Sorry, I posted all the quick tips I know... That ones a pain in the butt to get to.

I'll try and post pics sometime.
Man... that rear deck is a pain!!! Thinkin about aborting the plan to remove it, and just sound deaden the metal underneath and pad the edges against the rear glass...

I think the main prob I have is the brake light tapping the rear glass.... Im going to pad it like D113 did and hope that does the trick!
also removed the rear desk yesterday. was a pain getting it back in, same with all the panels. my hands really hurt today, lots of cuts
What I did was buy a camping mat at Canadian Tire that was closed cell foam, then just cut out pieces that were 1-2 inches long. Then folded the pieces so they were longish and squished it between the glass and the rear deck. The foam hasnt moved since I did it about 8 months ago and I didnt have to put any around the brake light just from the corners of the deck to the middle where the light is.

So far it has worked out awesome, at first I thought it didnt work as well, but then I took out my spare tire and now the only rattles I have is the sunglasses holder.

forgot to mention that I didnt have to remove the rear deck, since I didnt know/want to
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