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It will be a "repost" from Turbo Forte forum.

It was a sad day, but I could not justify keeping 4 cars. Even 3 now is still too much, so one will go away soon as well.

A few words of our history: we met each other by the end of Nov-2016. Forte had 25 miles at the time. Fully equipped (leather, navi, roof... everything what you might need).
I got him (in my language car is male, so it will stay like this) snow tires (a separate set of wheels), WeatherTech mats, a few gauges (like oil pressure and boost/vacuum gauge). At some point we decided to get more power and put Sxth tune using a spare ECU.
We had blast. We even put a new speed record just the day before we parted ways (met some 2010 or so GTI on I-94 and had a lot of fun). I gave up tailgating him at 125 mph. Two runs like that, a few more with lower speeds... BTW, had I left the tuned ECU on, GTI would have been smoked. But keeping in mind the sale, I removed the tuned ECU.
Funny thing, back in Nov-2016, on the very same stretch I had my 2015 F5 (it was MT) going very same speeds with three other cars. It must be something between me and F5s. Nice way to say good bye to each other.

FYI, I live in Lansing area (MI). 2015 F5 MT was purchased used in Bowling Green, KY in I think March 2015. Then, 2016 F5 AT was purchased in McHenry, IL where 2015 was left as a trade in. And just last weekend, getting Audi Q5 for my wife, we left F5 in Schaumburg, IL. All IL locations are basically Chicago area. Somehow I cannot find cars locally.

Since the Forte got sold, but the buyer was not interested in other accessories, I have a list of things that need to find a new owner.
That is: oil pressure gauge, boost/vacuum gauge, dog bone mounts (both green and red - not used), winter wheels with OEM TPMS (16" alloys from Hyundai Sonata, 205/60x16), spare ECU with tune on it (just change VIN and have fun), front wiper blades (two new OEM ones), spare wheel kit (the wheel+tire with accessories)... and maybe a few more things.
I will be listing them some time soon, but if you are interested in anything, let me know whenever.

I will create two "for sale" thread. Most likely they will be almost duplicates, but since the forums has separate sections for suspension, wheels, engine... it is hard to create listings for each separately
Once active, I will list them below.

Link to the listing...
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