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Forte EX reviewed in Consumer Reports

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The Forte was reviewed in the Jan. Consumer Reports
Pros: Fuel Economy, secure handling, rear-seat space, controls.

Cons: Ride, engine noise, fit and finish, driving position.

It did not get a "recommended" designation.
Out of 12 small sedans tested the Forte was #7 with a road test score of 69 out of 100
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I have to agree with ForteSX2.4. I have never found CR to be a reliable source for new car reviews despite their apparent popularity.

Though I haven't seen the article, I disagree with both the fit and finish and driving position "cons". I find the Forte to be on par with the other cars in its class including the Honda Civic. I also find the driving position to be comfortable with good visibility. Driving position can be a very subjective measurement but I find the seats to have good support, height adjustment and the SX model has tilt and telescoping steering wheel.

Regarding the engine noise and ride, I agree that the Forte's 2.4L engine (which I have in my SX Sedan) is not the quietest I've ever heard but I would hardly rate it a "con". The ride in my SX can be harsh on certain bumps/potholes but that is expected with the 17" wheels and low profile tires coupled with the sport suspension. I did test drive an EX and I found the ride much smoother.

If you're in the market for a car in this class, test drive the Forte. You will be surprised at the amount of car you get for the money.
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