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I don't have anything to say that is directly applicable as I bought a SX Koup with automatic back in March, but maybe you can compare.

I paid $26000 all in, out the door - and I somehow feel I paid about $500 too much but who knows. That was a cash deal and there was a $1000 discount in effect at that time.

Whereabouts are you? Do you have multiple dealers you can get to and approach with the same offer? Walking out was good, you will no doubt hear back from them.

You might also want to wait for the 2011's. They are only a month or so away and have worthwhile improvements. Those improvements are listed in another thread on this site. For example: 2010 EX has 4 speed auto, SX has 5 speed auto, all 2011's have 6 speed autos.

Here it is:
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