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Wait are you sure your actually getting 192 miles? According too your ODOMETER? The trip computer can just say whatever, what matters is what your odometer is actually saying...

Well, I've learned that the "Distance to Empty" computer basically takes the current information. In other words, if you're doing some serious pedal stomping, and your MPG's are down in the teens....when you fill up, it will calculate on that. Then, recalculate once you get back on the road (usually my avg MPG gauge goes blank for a min, then starts counting up as i drive and averages out).

I'm consistently over 300 miles on a tank of gas. I've actually run out twice (stupid me tried to push it, both times). Thank you KIA roadside service!!!!

But sounds like there's something else going on. I'd get it to a dealer, and try logging your MPG's based off your ACTUAL distance, vs gallons put in.

Fill up.....set your trip odometer to 0. Drive. Next fill up....take the miles driven, divide by gallons put in. That's your ACTUAL (non-computer assisted) MPG's.....see your dealer if it's wacky.
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