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I purchased a used Kia Forte EX in Feb 11, and it didn't come with any remotes for the keyless entry system. I called 2 area dealers, and was quoted $175 each from one, $95 each from the other, + $40 for programming. I found several listed on e-bay around $30. I called the dealers to verify the info to make sure they'll work, and they say they can't give the FCC ID#, only the Kia part #, which isn't given on the E-bay listings. The ones I found online are listed as ID# PINHA-T008.They say they're for a 10 Kia Forte. The dealers told me I need a Kia part #95430-1m10. They didn't know anything about an FCC ID#. Said it isn't listed in the parts list.
The dealers both asked for the last digits of my VIN#. Said different VIN's require different remotes. If it helps, the part of the # the dealers needed is:
Can anyone please tell me if the ones listed on E-bay are the ones I need?
thanks much,
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