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Forte Sedan as a pickup truck?

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Sorry confusing title...

Just to let you know I was able to successfully put 20 1"x6"x8' pressure treated fence board into my Forte, with the truck closed. I made sure to lay down a heavy blanket on the dash, and on all surfaces of my leather seats. The boards stretched all the way to the windshield, and I still had room to shift my 6 speed...

I also, just made it home with 7 bags of play sand for my sons sandbox.

Pretty versatile.

What loads have you been able to shove in the 4 door?
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I feel like there is an innuendo or double entendre in there that went unnoticed... lol

But seriously, I regularly use my sedan to carry my step ladder, a 26" monitor, and assorted boxes of tools and parts for work. And there has always been plenty of room to work with still.
Ive only ever carried a case of water and a change of clothes, and sometimes a passenger :p
lol I carry a passenger most of the time and sometimes food and what not lol never tools I have my old 79 chevy for that kind of thing
I stuck my spoiler that was 4 and a half foot long into my koup!! :D I love folding rear seats.
no room in mine....all audio sound lol...
just passengers in mine, hell I only put one passenger in the back so far in my koup, it's ither just me or the side passenger in mine :p
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