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Forte SX moving from 17 to 16 wheels

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Hello everyone,
Im pretty excited in getting my new forte SX and im wondering if its a better move to go down to the 16's or even the 15's. Just because Im looking at some winter tires (maybe for next year) and theyre pretty expensive for the 17's and the prices drop considerably for 16's and the 15's (about $100 CDN per tire difference from 17's to 15's; just looking at costco)

What are the benefits in these large wheels and tires? Is it worth the size difference? Is bigger better or the smaller ones better? Can I swap the 17's for 15/16's in the winter (obviously new wheels and tires)? Will it interfere with the brakes or the body?

I drive 70% city and 30% highway in Ontario (GTA=Go Leafs!). Even with my current car, Im pretty aggressive and its a midsize with 16's.

Thanks in advance!
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As stated above, the only problem is SX's can only go down to a 16", not a 15". I ran Hankook IceBear tires this year and am completely thrilled with them. Both my suv and Forte stuck to the road like I have not done in a long time. Cost was less than most other tires, and they are VERY quiet on the dry road days, as well.
Center bore on the Forte is 'standard' so any steely should be fine. Offset is also not a concern as they are all around the 40ish mark. Where ever you buy them from should have a compatibility listing, and if they don't have the Forte, then use "2008/9 Magentis" as the rim specs are identical.

As for tires, avoid Federal and Pirelli - they have been constant sources of headache at our shop all winter long. Bad balancing, weak sidewalls, just terrible crappy tires (and Pirelli used to be a "great" brand... they have dropped the ball). I am in love with Hankook, lately. Their winter products are fantastic and we're getting a LOT of great feedback from people who have ran them all season now. The IceBear is a touring/ice tread and the iPike is a more aggressive snow-clearing pattern. Choose based on your locale. has prices and specs so you can research before you buy in Canadian dollars, even!
I've never seen a ring for a steel wheel (although they may be out there). The bevel on the nuts do that job for you, usually. Most steels are built to be 'lug centric' and not hub centric.
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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