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Hi folks. I'm perhaps premature with this introduction since I'm technically not the owner of a Forte yet. I'm hoping that changes next. Excited to join these forums.

I relocated from New York City to north of Boston, career change included. Purchased an older Mitsubishi Galant to try my hand at suburb living during the pandemic. I decided that I rather enjoy it. So here I am looking to purchase my first new car- ever. The following is going to be, loosely defined, as succinct, as this brain is capable, a recount of my experiences thus far in the car shopping process.

As I began my vehicle search online, I saw Kia Stinger made some 2021 best of list. I beelined it to my local Kia dealer. I arrived and ogled the GT-line Stinger in red. Would have likely become a statistic with that one.

No, don't be morbid. I meant, like buying too much car and being upside down on payments. My eyes then wandered over to the K5.

Had a chat with a significantly smarter and smaller sibling, and well, I have decided on the K5's smaller sibling... the Forte, specifically GT with GT2.

I return to my local Kia to discuss pricing.

Here's what they offered:

The 'tonight only' deal was offered to me at 6:55 pm. The dealership hours are until 7 pm. And I would've needed to put $500 down for them to honor the offer until the end of the week. Yeesh.

Fast forward a few days. I visit another dealership for pricing. He could only offer me the $1750 rebate, and not even assess my trade-in value as there's a separate manager for that. In as polite and matter of fact manner, he told me it was a seller's market. I wasn't likely going to score any deals there. He explained the dealership normally carries over 200 vehicles and only had 60 or so available, due to microchip production & ongoing global pandemic. So I politely and matter of factly...told him to fellate himself. No, I actually didn't, he was just doing his job- of not selling a car. Onward.

Emailed a few others. And here's an offer I got:


Mind you, this is without a trade-in. Woo!
But I couldn't make it there before they closed. So was the offer off the table? Spoke to dear Kaitlyn, and was told the manager would honor the price considering they'd still need to acquire the car to sell. SCORE!

I quickly fire off a text to the sales guy at my local. He asks me to forward the email & speaks to his manager.

Here's the updated offer:

So, I ask myself, what would CarMax value my '06 Galant with 77k miles? Surely, more than $705. I'm hoping $1,500.
I tell the sales guy. He says his manager will meet halfway, and knock off another $400. But that still doesn't tip the scale in his favor.

If everything works out, I'll be on the road in a Deep Sea Blue Forte GT2 for $20,605 plus TTL, though there's limited stock in my neck of the woods.

Alright, stay tuned for an update next week.

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Welcome to forteforums...and good luck on your future purchase.

You're going to be pleasantly surprised the first time you accelerate "briskly"!

...and "good on ya" to shop around for the best price instead of "jumping in" too soon!

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Smoking deal especially in this market. The GT is really a bit of a sleeper and I kinda like it that way. Drove my 20 Fire Orange with GT2 pkg tonight to get washed, see a movie (Nobody is excellent btw), and grab dinner. Always puts a smile on my face.
Post pics when you get it.

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