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Forteforums RULES

1. Blatant trolling is not allowed. If you have nothing constructive to offer, don't post at all. No thread-crapping: if you have nothing good or constructive to say, just don't post.

2. Post topics in the appropriate section. This is especially important for topics that belong in Off-Topic.

3. No material that is NSFW (Not Safe For Work). This includes posts, avatars & signatures.

No pornographic or nude pictures, drawings, animations, etc. or links to sites containing such content.
No pictures, drawings, or animations with an overly sexual connotation; ie. no girls bent over wearing a thong.
No pictures, drawings, or animations that are graphic in nature; ie. no dead bodies with gruesome injuries.

4. Keep thread titles, signatures and avatars "clean". No profanity.

5. If you feel something negative towards a user/post, please try to state your case in a calm and respectable fashion. Replying to the post just to stir the pot and not offering anything of value is highly frowned upon.

6. Vendor "Discussion/Reviewing/Complaints" are allowed. However, it is not allowed to the point that you can make a post in every thread the vendor participates in to ruin his day, etc. Make your thread in whatever section you feel appropriate, state your case, and be done with it. Harassment will not be tolerated.

If you do not have vendor status you cannot advertise your products. This includes signatures. If you need to get vendor status pm one of the moderators to get the information on how to get vendor status. Links to FS threads are allowed. See post #4 for more information.

7. Post Whoring is against the rules. If you don't have anything constructive to add, don't add anything. Determining what is Post Whoring is at the sole discretion of the administration team.

8. No personal threats, attacks or harassment. This includes pm's, posts and threads.

9. No puppet/smurf accounts. If you share your computer with other members of this forum, please contact a moderator.

10. Signatures are limited to 100KB total (includes all images) for regular members and 600KB total for premium members.

11. Usernames cannot be a URL for your website. If you have already registered, and have a user name that is a URL, please contact an administrator to have it changed to something within the scope of our rules.

Bans will be on a case by case basis determined by the Staff.

Subsection rules will be enforced IN ADDITION to these rules. If a subsection's rule contradicts a site rule, the subsection's rule becomes the one to follow.


Now that the board is officially supporting Sponsors/Vendors, it is time to put the advertising rules into effect.

1. Advertising from non supporting vendors is not allowed. Period. Do not post a link to your site, link to your business, contact information, pricing, etc. Do not attempt to pimp your wares on the forum.

The forum costs money to run, and until you contribute to the forums, you have no place in using it to promote your own business.

2. Non vendor discussion is allowed, but advertising on behalf of a NSV will not be allowed. Any of the following is considered advertising: Links, addresses, emails, phone numbers. Any other excessive discussion will be deleted at moderators discretion. Deleted posts of this type should be discussed through PMs only and are not to be discussed in the open forum..

The line is thin, and we will use our judgment as to when that line is being crossed.

3. Group buys from supporting vendors are allowed. However, group buys from non supporting vendors (especially on products that our supporting vendors sell) will be heavily frowned upon.

4. Business signatures are not allowed from non supporting vendors. This rule also applies to avatars, listings of homepages, and any other profile information.

It is in your better interest to support your vendors, and in turn, they will be supporting you. This promotes a tight, well supported and funded community which will help promote innovation.

There will be more rules added, for now, I would appreciate it if non supporting vendors would please remove signature images, text, etc. promoting their business.

To become a vendor, contact [email protected] for the information.

Off Topic Rules

- Threads deemed NSFW (showing skin & gruesome) need to be labeled.
- Illegal activity will be deleted at moderator discretion.
- Private parts need to be covered (see through clothes are not allowed)

- Malware software (viruses)
- Threats and personal attacks
- Racist slurs in a derogatory manner directly at another member
- Bypassing word filters
- Jailbait
- Useless post-whoring

Bans will be on case by case basis.

We'll delete or close anything at our discretion. If this happens, it happens for a reason, therefore DO NOT bring it back up.

Reporting Bad Posts
Below a users name there is a button with an exclamation point on it (). When you click this button a form is generated asking what is wrong with the post and it is sent to the moderators. The form sends an email to the mods with information about why the post is bad and a link to the questionable post.

Your identity is only viewable to the moderators/admins and will not be revealed to anyone else. If a moderator deems there is something wrong with the post they will act upon it. Reporting bad posts or posts that are not following the rules will help keep the forums clean.

Here at, we do not in any way condone or recommend that people who have issues with their vehicles by doing aftermarket additions and changes, pursue warranty claims against the results of a "botched" mod.

A few people have expressed publicly, but also PRIVATELY, that these types of claims hurt KIA as a whole. The more disingenuine claims there are, the more loss to the company and their employees.

There have be many threads in the past where something along the lines of: "Pull off/out your mods, take it to there dealer and get them to replace it under warranty."

This suggestion of fraudulent activity will now be under the watchful eye of the forums' admins and mods, and on a case by case basis, we will delete threads and warn/ban users based upon these issues as they arise.

It is very obvious by the response of some of Kia's technicians who are members of the site here, that this type of false-claiming just makes their job's more difficult, and that while you can choose to cheat the system, it only makes things worse. does not wish to be a haven for these types of threads.

Many dealers also browse this site too, and the last thing we want is for someone's "dirty laundry" to affect our dealer's opinions of our forum members.

As some have said in past threads (in approximately the same words), own up to your mistakes and pay for them without dragging the forte community down with you.

The goal here is to prevent the forums from getting out of hand like some of the other forums in the automotive industry. We will do this by the above mentioned steps to prevent it from happening.

Admin Team.

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I feel this thread needs to be reviewed. Most of these posts I have been seeing closed/deleted are following these rules.

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i can only be able to see the thumbnails at Gallery section. i can't view the pictures (only text image appears). do i need to upgrade my membership? sorry for asking in the wrong thread. peace.

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I just looked and mine does the same. I'll have an admin with Auto Guide take a look..

EDIT: AG Jeff is working with AG now to get this issue fixed.
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how many posts before you can include links? I gotta say this has been the most extensive forum account set up I have ever experienced. I have quick recall questions to post and want to share a vid link to a classaction lawsuit. I know what thread to post it in and everything. erggg.
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