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Vote for your favorite Koup for June '11

  • arinesmith

    Votes: 2 2.4%
  • thiefness

    Votes: 9 11.0%
  • SubtleStyle

    Votes: 24 29.3%
  • radamrocker

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  • Fortefied

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  • Forza

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  • Fargus

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FOTM for June '11 – Koup Edition

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Welcome to the Kia Forte of the Month: Koup Edition thread for the month of June.

The contest works like this:

Today - June 25 will be open for submissions. You must post your pictures in this thread to enter. You may only post your own car.

From June 26 - 30 a poll will be added containing the entered submissions. All members are asked to vote on their favorite. The person with the most votes at the end of the month will be the winner for the month of June!!

The prize:

The June Koup of the month will be featured on the homepage during the month of July!

Let's see whatcha got!


Because I am lame and forgot to post the poll on time the poll will run later than usual. It will be the usual 5 days with the poll closing at 7:30 MDT July 2.
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Ooo *enters* My birthday is this month, I'm sure you guys wouldn't let me lose!
what does a birthday have to do with your car being voted the best of the month? LOL SMH...
Just playing around because of what KIA was saying last month about it being a popularity contest, etc lol
You need more pics in your Garage!
lol I need more pictures in general, every time I would like to go take some pictures it has been raining! Raining too much here in NY lately, ever since I got my body kit put on, but I took today off, and the weather is nice, so I might see if I can go take some pictures today.
I don't know if any of you guys noticed, but Forza has black mirrors (to match the gloss fascia)
I didn't, but I do now and it looks good, I have thought about doing mine black but never did, obviously lol
Haha, yeah, but she loves me too much to do such a thing !!! ... Well, I hope so.

Yeah, mirroir are OEM black cover for 20$... no need to paint if you don't like the result you can only switch back.
Ohhhh nice! I thought you painted your covers! I'm gonna have to order those right now as I upload my pics from today. lol

You ordered EB paint code?
NEFD body kit (front lip and side skirts)
20% tint all around
tinted side markers in mirrors
LED switchbacks
Red interior LEDs, white license plate LEDs
Black billet grills upper and lower
VG sharkfin antenna
LED footwell lighting front and back seats
Wood trunk.
"Factory" Short Ram Intake
Painted Engine Cover
Blacked out Kia emblem on trunk

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Nah, you can't tell by the pictures, I didn't realize but the KIA emblem is painted black with plasti-dip.
The inside of my trunk is what I will be showing. :]
Theifness.....why is your license plate so freaking high??? Lol
Ugh don't remind me, whatever dealer put the bracket on put 5 screws in, and I've tightened one of them so that it pulled the material of the bumper out so I can't even just cover a hole if I take it off... It really pisses me off that whoever put it on screwed it up royally. I heard from someone that NY is looking at changing the law requiring front plates and if they do im going to replace the bumper.
Dudeeeee, that's what i was gonna do with my trunk, i got the idea from a friend's GTi that he takes to H2O.

PS: looks sick, but i feel like you should've went with a darker wood, walnut maybe?
Yea, I have plans of redo-ing it darker, I just used spare wood I had leftover from helping someone put flooring in to give it a testrun. I see no reason to re-do it while the wood is still in mint condition. :]

Can you see the pic?

PS: *insert morning wood joke here*
Yup I can see it, I have been looking around for the right color wood for when I re-do it.
Why wood? Doesn't look right in our car or in any car to be honest. Other then that your car looks great steve.
Just to be different really, it gets a lot of attention at shows and meets and such. A lot of people tend to like it :cool:
There should be sone rules/guidlines when entering for FOTM. Just my 0.02
Too much repetition on these pages.
Like what?
Added another picture. And adding description of mods.
I don't ever remember hearing there was a problem with FOTM until KIA didn't win. :D

I voted for you because I (mostly) like your car and that's after I thought your photos sucked. I'm a big photo snob, I think they're important. ;)
How are mine? They're not my best, I am more practiced at night photos, still haven't gotten used to daylight photos.
Sucks that they broke in, glad they didn't take anything, happy birthday, mine just passed, on friday lol :] Good luck!
You don't need a fancy DSLR camera and Photoshop to take good photos. I honestly think both of you took excellent shots. And BTW I'm not good at photography by any means, I just appreciate good pictures.

A lot of people regarding FOTM say where and how you take your pictures doesn't matter. If you don't want to vote on a vehicle according to that then fine, but I'm going to. If someone like SX FORTE, thiefness and myself took the time to find a good location and were mindful of good angles, etc. then I think that should be taken into consideration. If two people with the same car, mods, etc. sent in photos to a import magazine to be published who's gonna win? The car with a good location and good image quality or the car with cell phone pics in their driveway? Hmm...
I agree, I am always looking for places to take pictures of my car, half because I like photography, and the other half because I want to have awesome looking photos of my car. The thing that really sucks is here where I live is practically like the city, theres no fields or anything where I would love to take photos where some of the people have access to. There are buildings and houses and stuff packed everywhere around where I'm at with so few spots for good photoshoots, and some of the places even kick you out. Some of you guys have some awesome spots you could take photos, I'd love to see some really awesome shots from some of you. Don't use cell phones, even a cheap point and shoot can produce some really good photos. Just take your time and a little bit of practice and you can get some awesome shots of your cars guys.
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I also agree. I'm not even a photographer, but I can DEFINITELY appreciate the beauty of walking out to a dark street to find your car illuminated by, seemingly, the ONLY street light in existence. It makes for a great shot, and I take it if I can. It makes me appreciate the difficulty of the art a lot better, too. I would be 100 % behind a decision just due to the technical aspect of one's photos as long as the mods were very similar.

At the same time, yes, this CAN be a popularity contest, but it can also be the one niche mod that you, and only you, have done so far that WOW's everyone. I find it rarely gets judged on a whole package basis (otherwise K.I.A. would have won at least once, I idolize his car). Being Student body president looks good on a CV and can help get jobs, but at the end of the day, that is a popularity contest, too.

Good luck to everyone!

oh, and Happy Belated Birthday, Bro!

*FYI I took my pics with a 5MP Windows smartphone*
OH NO, now I can't vote for you, windows smartphone, tsk tsk... JK

It just goes to show you that you don't need a fancy camera to take good pictures. Some of the best photos (or at least some of my favorites) I have ever taken were taken with a point and shoot. Now I use an entry level dslr, but it's totally not necessary for most applications. Unless you want to take pictures at night and use external flashes... but there are even ways around that also.
But then again the newer smartphones are getting to be practically like point and shoots. Not quite there yet, but getting closer and closer.
Don't worry.. I'm on your side. It's a POS most of the time. I use it because I have to. I work for a cellular company up here. Android FTW..

Some phones have crazy camera features built in. Nokia N8, example, has a 28mm carl zeiss lens, authentic Xenon dual flash, and 12.1 MP! Plus it can help get you Pizza in 40 mins or less! Can your DSLR do that? lol
I don't think so, but I also have my android for that ;] 8 MP camera lol I don't particularly like it much though. The colors tend to be somewhat off sometimes.
wow i dont think anyone will be votin for K.I.A cocky ass attitude......
it probably is a popularity contest, and guess what you're not gonna be very popular with that attitude...
reminds me of Jeter or an A.Rod
but.. girls love Jeter.. lol
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