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Vote for your favorite Koup for June '11

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  • thiefness

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  • SubtleStyle

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  • radamrocker

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  • Fortefied

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FOTM for June '11 – Koup Edition

37638 Views 229 Replies 41 Participants Last post by  Mickid173
Welcome to the Kia Forte of the Month: Koup Edition thread for the month of June.

The contest works like this:

Today - June 25 will be open for submissions. You must post your pictures in this thread to enter. You may only post your own car.

From June 26 - 30 a poll will be added containing the entered submissions. All members are asked to vote on their favorite. The person with the most votes at the end of the month will be the winner for the month of June!!

The prize:

The June Koup of the month will be featured on the homepage during the month of July!

Let's see whatcha got!


Because I am lame and forgot to post the poll on time the poll will run later than usual. It will be the usual 5 days with the poll closing at 7:30 MDT July 2.
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i would enter but someone with a plain black koup will enter and win so its not worth it! lol
i dont need to tell me how insanly awesome my car is.... i already know it is. plus car isnt just show anymore.... its got the go!!! woot woot! lol
just enter anyways..... ill make sure you win ;)
Ooo *enters* My birthday is this month, I'm sure you guys wouldn't let me lose!
FAIL!!!!! lol
Just playing around because of what KIA was saying last month about it being a popularity contest, etc lol
why do i gotta get involved??? lol
AH HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! see i told you its a popularity contest!!!!

pfffft!! i knew theres no car better then mine here!! come on now! it got looks and speed now! like MC Hammer said..... "YA CANT TOUCH THIS" white tiger for you fas!!!!

on another note..... how come everyone lives in texas? wtf?
it needs more pink..... im thinking steal my paint scheme and paint the top pink!
Theifness.....why is your license plate so freaking high??? Lol
bitched out????? lmao you on crack son??? its not cockiness, its confidence! lets be honest here.... we take all these cars to a car show, who do you think is gonna win?
this is how the judging is going to be.... stock with rims, stock with a spoiler, stock with painted rims, stock with stickers, then theyre gonna come up to my car and be like.......OH SH*T, THAT THING IS HOT!!! FIRST PLACE!!! lol like you guys said, this is a popularity contest, its not the best car wins, its who likes you more! trust me, ive voted for friends knowing that their car isnt the best and theyve won! i'd vote for you shaks, if you ever enter! thats what friends do! lol theres a lot of cars that should have won but they didnt. true everyones tastes are diffrent, but when i start getting pm's asking me to vote for your car, thats when you know its all about kissin butt, not whos got a better ride!
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who likes my new signature btw?? ;)
well what they really should do is when the voting starts, rearrange the pics and make them at the top of the page, so its easier for everyone to see and compare
^^^why bother??? The white with pink rims car is gonna win. lol
everyone put a pic of their car in a hat, and we'll have a random drawing!! thats more fair then what they do now!! lol
and photography skills dont make your car pretty in person!!! like he said, 4 exterior pics, front, back and both sides, engine compartment, interior, and then 1 glamour shot. no photoshopped pics, no changing the background, no lighting tricks using the computer. then on the 25th, have the mod put all the pics on the front page. glamour shot full size, then the rest of the pics in thumbnails, this way its easier to see! no more then 5 pics, no less then 5. dont have enough pics...sorry, cant enter the contest. weeds out the people from other forums trying to win! plus you must have a min of 20 posts and more then 3 months on the forum. ohhh i made up some new rules!!!! who agrees?
im gonna pick the winner, i already know whos winning this month... that pink rim car. why you ask? cause shes a girl, and everyone sucks up to the chics on this forum! lol
those seats look so uncomfortable! lol but they look cool! your airbag light stay on?
#1....never said wanders car was stock....#2.....never said HE pmed me asking for votes, someone else did#3.....stickers are there to hide the paint chips on the shit paint job, and redbull gives you a free case if you send in pics!!! How can you say no to that? And last but not least..... "I would have voted for you but you bitch to much"....WTF does that have to do with my car? Vote for my car, not me!!! lol you think I'm the only one who thinks like this? Stand my car next to anyones here in a car show, and who do you think is gonna get the most votes? Let's be serious here! I'm not cocky, I'm confident!! Don't like it? Deal with it! I'm not putting down anyones car, never did. Well maybe one or two. But that's irrelevant. When a car with stickers and rims gets more votes then a car thats dropped, body kit, and 50 other mods....then you know there's something wrong. I'm not even talking about my car. But it's not even like it matters. It's a freaking forum, I got enough awards on my car that I'm happy. But back to the for the car, not the person!!!!!
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^^^^ for someone who BEGGED me to lend them $5,000 so they can get a turbo, you're pretty funny!! lmao
Not a fan of the 2 tone??? Ain't you getting your roof painted black??? Come on now!!! lol you funny
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