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Vote for your favorite Koup for June '11

  • arinesmith

    Votes: 2 2.4%
  • thiefness

    Votes: 9 11.0%
  • SubtleStyle

    Votes: 24 29.3%
  • radamrocker

    Votes: 9 11.0%
  • Fortefied

    Votes: 17 20.7%
  • Forza

    Votes: 18 22.0%
  • Fargus

    Votes: 3 3.7%

FOTM for June '11 – Koup Edition

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Welcome to the Kia Forte of the Month: Koup Edition thread for the month of June.

The contest works like this:

Today - June 25 will be open for submissions. You must post your pictures in this thread to enter. You may only post your own car.

From June 26 - 30 a poll will be added containing the entered submissions. All members are asked to vote on their favorite. The person with the most votes at the end of the month will be the winner for the month of June!!

The prize:

The June Koup of the month will be featured on the homepage during the month of July!

Let's see whatcha got!


Because I am lame and forgot to post the poll on time the poll will run later than usual. It will be the usual 5 days with the poll closing at 7:30 MDT July 2.
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I'll give it a shot!
Kopperhead 2010 Forte Koup SX A/T
Tinted Windows - Front 25% - Back 10%
Audi A5 style LED DRL and Switchbacks
DDM 6000K 35W Lows
"Factory" Spectre SRI
VG Sharkfin Antenna

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Ooo *enters* My birthday is this month, I'm sure you guys wouldn't let me lose!
You need more pics in your Garage!
Page 1 - arinesmith
At least I'm in first on something.
Thanks to the 2 people that voted for meh!
Vote for me, I finished my CAI install :)
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why do you still have the intake scoop on? just like to get dirt in your engine compartment? lol
For now I have some wires hidden underneath it. I do plan to re-run the harness and remove the scoop.
I would just like to say...dude all you win is a pic on the home page I just entered for fun...yall are a bunch of pussies....who cares its a fucking picture on the home page! Big whoop..I could care less if I win....thanks...:) now if it was money ok be mad get all competitive but really now....yall are douches for gettin butt hurt! Don't take it personal...have a good day...
This from a chick?!
1 - 6 of 230 Posts
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