FREE! I am basically giving these away because they are just taking up space and I don't want to toss it into garbage.

Got myself a pair of cheap Chinese knock-offs, so now I am

Trying to get rid of a pair (set) of headlights.
OEM, USED, condition is good. As good as a gently used 10 years old car can be. Comes without the lightbulbs, but with used turn light bulbs only.
All the parts, tabs, inserts are in place. The only problem is that the lenses are dim (see macro photo).
Can be polished and restored, I don't want / have time to do it.

It's FREE as in Free Beer!
Buyer only have to pay the shipping, it's going to be around $30 in the continental part of the US, I guess.
Local pickup around zip 94040 (San Jose as well) available.
Headlights are neatly packed in a double cardboard box with foam inserts, dimensions are like 26x9x18 inches and weight about 12-15 lbs.

I know what I got and gobless!