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Free to 5 dollar mod

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Here is a mod to the shift knob that I did on the weekend. I got some of my Fianceé's red nail polish and clear nail polish and painted the numbers on my shifter red. What do you guys think?

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Greath idea!!

Look pretty good too!!
Pretty good idea. I replaced my shift knob and am in the process of making a custom decal. Will post if it works out.
That looks great! The wicked thing about using nail polish is it's cheap, easy to find and use, and... nail polish remover!! I'll definitely be doing this on my own shift knob!
Still using your winter mats?
You must sure have steady hands to paint the numbers!

Looks great! thanks for the idea!
Thanks guys. I took a needle and injected the nail polish in. Any that falls out, you leave to dry and then take a qtip and put nail polish remover and go over all the numbers.
You could nails for a living....I'm just sayin!!! Looks good!!
sweet i have to ask where'd you get those mats they look wicked.
I did the same thing but I used the paint pen that I got when I bought the car. Same idea but mine are colour matched! ;)
I did the same thing a few months ago and you really dont have to be too fine with it. I didnt have a needle or anything so tried painting it in with a fine paintbrush and got the nail polish all over the knob lol the numbers are recessed so all you have to do is get a rag with nail polish remover and wipe the mess up and the numbers still have the polish in it and it looks great even months later without redoing it. cheapest mod ive done and looks awesome with all of the red accents to the car like the red stitching in the leather seats.
even easier is to use one of those shiny/glitter pens. You can get like 6 for a dollar and because its a pen with a fine tip, it fits right into the groove and you don't have to worry about having steady hands. I used silver for mine (on the ex)
Just did this yesterday. My wife didn't have a good nail polish color, so I bought some for 99 cents. Blobbed it on nice and thick, let it dry for 30 minutes, then wiped up the excess with nail polish remover and a cotton ball. Looks great and didn't take more than 2 or 3 minutes.
I like it! Who needs numbers (and 'R') on those things anyway?
Here is what I did... looks sexier IMO


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Nice job. I do like it, but I like the all red too. Maybe if I get bored with the red, I'll mix it up with white like you did.
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