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Could it be DANGEROUS (tire getting lose from the rim) If you go wider than 225s en a 17 x 7" ? I mean because its been said here that for 235s you need to go to 17 x 7.5" . The thing is that Im about to put 225s on the 17x7 stock rim, and here in Mexico I frequently get to 100 + mph por 5 or 10 min periods. And I wonder if this might be dangerous. Thanks
No, but it isn't recommended. Also, depending on the tire you buy, it may come out larger or less. My PZero AS are looking narrower than the P7 Cinturato and in fact, they are. So, best go with 225/45-17, they work well. Also, 235/40-17 is really rare, you will not find a lot of choice in that size.
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