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Oops read that you posted this un the sedan forums. There's a koup link somewhere but it's different for a sedan.

In the sedan, undo three screws. One behind the interior handle (pry open with a jewelers flathead for access), one below that further down the door, and one along the edge that gets hidden when you close the door. There's a circular plastic cap over the screw so you have to pop it out.

After three screws you have to pull off the tweeter covers and disconnect the tweeters. Roll down the window, and grab the coverand pull outward. You could try a butter knife to pry it but I'd recommend just a good pull.

Once the tweeter is disconnected, grab the trim at the bottom corner nearest the lower hing. And begin pulling away from the door. Grab solidly and pull, you will begin popping out the trim pegs. Continue around the bottom and side perimeter until loose.

Next lift the trim so the top un-couples from the window slot by lifting up and slowly away.

Regrab it at the top with one hand as the other will have to disconnect the power connector(s) and unclip the handle mechanism. The connectors are easy to figure out but the latches are not as obvious. Best advice is if you look between the two rods that go to the door, there's a clip that holds it in. The clip has a tab at one side ( rear of the vehicle side) that if you push the tab towards the front of the vehicle it should uncatch the mechanism front door and pop out. Try not to change the position if the bars at the end if the wires that go into the rods as you will need them to remain in the same position for the reinstall.

The driver door has two power connectors, the rest have one. There's no tweeter cover to remove on the rear doors.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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