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Front Brake Rotor Upgrade

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So both my GT's have slight warping from high speed braking. It is not enough to get too worried about but I might upgrade if I can come up with a good replacement. 20yrs ago a bunch of us were upgrading our 2001-2006 Elantra's but the front rotors were too small and warped trying to exit the highway in a spirited way. I actually worked for a Hyundai dealer and figured out how to make Tiburon brakes work but it was kinda costly (I also figured out the Tib rear sway bar swap and was selling them to people around the country). The next thing I did was send a few sets of stock size centric rotors out to get them cryo treated. Once I put those on my car I did not have a problem with the rotors warping again. I was not interested in slotted or drilled for several reasons. There does seem to be a couple cryo treated options for the Forte GT but they want $120+ per rotor. All the front rotors listed for the 2018 Elantra sport and the 2020 Veloster turbo are the same 305mm (12inch) as well.

What I am wondering is if anyone has tried high carbon rotors to reduce the heat induced warping. There are a couple choices for these.

Also I noticed that there are high carbon or cryo treated rotors that seem like they will fit non-turbo 2019+ Forte's based on some cross referencing
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My FE has a slight warp too. Going to do this mod when the pads wear out:
Interesting big brake mod using Hyundai OEM parts.
Nothing for the front pads from Brembo. My personal experience with pads is that anything ceramic warps rotors in half the time of oem pads. I generally use oem pads with upgraded rotors to cure oem sized rotor warping. I did have good luck with Hawk pads in the past but they did dust pretty bad. Unfortunately Hawk does not make front pads for this car.
I've had great luck with EBC pads. Yellowstuff is fantastic and grabs crazy hard, and dust like mad. Redstuff is low dust ceramic, stops pretty well. Haven't tried the others
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I think if I was to try any aftermarket pad it would be the EBC green. Maybe when the oem pads wear out I will try a front set.
That reminds me - I actually have a set of EBC green on my Land Rover. Forgot about that since I did it so long ago. They're... ok. The truck still doesn't stop great, but that may be more the tiny factory discs than the pads being mediocre. Very low dust, I will say that.
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