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Selling my 2020 Kia Forte GT2 with 36,000 miles. This is my daily driver so it will increase until the car is sold.
It has the 1.6L Turbo 4 cylinder motor. (If you're looking at this on the forum, you probably know the specs of the car already)
Has almost every feature you can get for these, does not have the dual climate control. Intelli Mirror, or the LED lights on the floor. (I believe those are the only options I didn't get). Has all the driver assist additions with LKA, blindspot warning, collision warrning, brake assist - which will save on insurance. Heated and cooled seats (not heated steering like the Canadian ones). Factory Remote start
The payment has become a bit much to handle with everything else I'm paying for. Excellent car, runs great, drives great. The only change from OEM is the badging on the front and rear of the car to Kia red K symbol instead. Has never needed any mechanical work.
For my commute 35miles to work, I'm averaging 35.6mpg
Asking 26,000$
I live near Wichita KS - would be willing to meet up with the right party if looking to purchase
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