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Hi everyone,

I've had these wheels for a few years as I bought them right before I sold my Koup SX and never put them on. I actually bought them from a member on here!

I have 3 Black 2010 Koup SX wheels with the Silver inserts. No dents (A rarity with these vehicles lol) and there is some minor scuffing on the lip of one of the wheels from them being broken down. Faces of the wheels are all in excellent condition. I've included two pictures and hope to add more.

I'd like to get $300 for the set.

I may be willing to separate them if I can get enough interest.

Additional Details: I'm in SE PA near West Chester so a local meet would definitely save on shipping. When i bought them they came in wheel boxes of a different brand the previous owner packaged them in, and would be repackaged in those boxes. I can definitely ship but be mindful it'll probably cost north of $75 for all three.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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