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Fubar'd Sunroof

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Have any of you had any problems with yours? My wifes 2011 sx just shit the bed and i am wondering if there is a quick fix or not. The dealership is over an hour away, and i dont want to have to keep driving out there.
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How can anybody help you when the only thing you write is that it 'just shit the bed' ? What is that supposed to mean?

Is it stuck open? Is it stuck closed? Is it stuck halfway? It is lifted open in the back and stuck? It won't open at all? It won't close at all? It is leaking?

Additional info, besides the useless info that you provided would help us help you.
Is it smoking?
Sounds like it's leaking..
Did you change the sheets? You don't want that soaking into the mattress.
Lol sorry to be so vague but it actually went back to working. It was really weird as it was stuck closed and wouldn't open but we rinsed the car the off and blamo it worked so I don't know what was wrong.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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