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I have never seen fuel related problems, more of this has come up since direct injection has become standard equipment in vehicles.

The GT will make more power depending on the fuel, there isn't a marked difference between 87-91 octane unless you try to find it.

That said, I have run 87-91 octane. 87 was in the car when I bought it, shrug. It didn't run much better with 91.

The change came when I added some E85, that woke the car up. I went to the dyno to confirm it and yep the car picked up 11 whp.

The human body doesn't feel much below that, if the car picks up less than that switching from 87 to even 94 octane won't notice much without instrumentation.

Turbo car especially don't like knock and you won't ever know it's knocking because the first sign of it can only be picked up with headphones and the proper equipment. it will remove all ignition advance down to zero. If it persist, it will start to reduce timing.

Don't believe me? Go get a Bluetooth OBD-II adapter and download Torque Pro. You don't even have to configure it, read the overall timing or global advance.

Of course there is more to E85 than an octane increase.

I tried something else later when I bought the JB4 because there is low risk with the fuel wire enabled.

That's when it made even more power with less boost.

When leaving the dyno on this fuel, the car spun 1st, spun 2nd and barked 3rd.
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