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Fuel Consumption

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Hey guys,

I have 6300km (~3900miles) on my Forte EX. and I get about 420km (~260miles) per tank...

so assuming the gas tank is 50L that's something like 11.5l/100km (~21mpg)...

I do 40/60 highway/city....

Why is the consumption so high? I'm quite sure those numbers are not what ur really supposed to get.... what coould be a possible problem?

ps. I'm not an aggressive driver, so I don't accelerate harrd....
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Is it windy where you live? because that will change the Mpg..
lot of hills?
sometimes I noticed if I shift higher in the rpm range it tends to drop mpg too.
Just depends on serval things.

oh do you have a auto or a manual is it a five speed or a six speed?
I'm aggressive and do around 95% city, get around 22 to 26MPG depending on weather and such. On the highway (100%) I can get around 740km per tank. 5 speed man.
I wouldn't assume the tank is 50L. I drove mine with the gas light on for 60KM and only put 48L in it. To be accurate, next time you get gas fill it right up to the top, reset your trip computer to 0 and drive it as usual.

When it comes time to fill up, fill it right back to the top again. Now you know how many L of gas you have used. Keep track of the number of liters you put in and the reading on your trip computer. Then take your L / KM x 100. Ex 420 KM and put in 45L of gas 45L/420KM x 100 = 10.71L/100KM

I have a Koup SX 6spd Manual and I get between 8-9 L/100km depending on my driving habits doing 40/60 hwy to city. You should be getting better fuel consumption.
It's a 4sp Auto. I'll try to do more accurate measurements when i fill up this time... could it possibly be because the car is not tuned up? should I take it to the dealer for a "check up"?
I have a hard time getting 9.5L/100KM (24.75MPG) with my 6-sp SX sedan. I usually get around 23-23.5mpg...
I get about 420Km a tank too but my commute is mostly city with a lot of hills. It's an SX with 5spd auto.
I just bought one because of the fuel efficiency, and I am getting worried about it. 370KMS and down to a quarter tank! This is nowhere near the 8L/100KM City they claim. Is there an issue here with these cars? I expected to get at least 550-600 Km on a tank. 52L tank in these. My 6 Cylinder heavier Intreptid is getting the same fuel mileage as this new 2.0L Forte! Very disappointing so far with the consumption. I now have 850KMs on it, and down to a quarter on my 2nd Fill up.

This isn't even in the ball park. :mad::(

pS... This is being broken in as suggested...not driven hard at all, and on level roads.
I'm going to try to take mine to the dealership tomorrow. I am averaging 15.8 mpg with an SX 5-speed auto. It has been consistently low for awhile now. I do mostly city driving, 90-95% city/10-5% highway. My mpg has been under 17 mpg for over a month. I waited to see if the trip computer was only inaccurate, but now it's time for the dealership to tell me what the actual cause is.
I just got 540km.. 8.2L/100km. You guys should be doing better. Id get it checked out
I just got 540km.. 8.2L/100km. You guys should be doing better. Id get it checked out
Lunchbox... how many KMs on yours so far? Wondering if it gets better when broken in? And is this highway or city use?
I just past 2100Km, only had it a month. I drive about 60/40 city to hwy, sometimes 50/50 ish. My first week I had it and I was takin it easy, I got similar results.
Right now I am at 420, and well under the quarter tank. My friend said his increased about 30 percent, but it took about 10,000 km to do it. I am at 950 now.
i have 39k on a 4sp auto sedan. i get 580-610 per tank.
i have 39k on a 4sp auto sedan. i get 580-610 per tank.
I got ~600 on my first tank when i got mine (similar driving conditions too). I was impressed considering the engine is just breaking itself in.
Well I just filled it up for the second time. At the fill-up it was at 988km and 453km on that tank. First tank was similar. When I filled it, it was sitting at the 1/8 mark, and took 43L

Do the math... 453km divided by 43l = 10.53km to one liter of gas. 100km divided by 10.53 = 9.49 Liters per 100km. Not as bad as I suspected, but still not at the rated mileage of 8.1 city....especially since I do about 60/40 city/hwy I was expecting a merge of about 7.0l/100km or there about.

Anyway, I will let it break in some more and see if it improves. Certainly no where near the 600km mark you guys are talking about. That is what I was expecting to see. current numbers are very similar to my 6cyl Intrepid which is at least 1500 lbs heavier and much bigger.
I got ~600 on my first tank when i got mine (similar driving conditions too). I was impressed considering the engine is just breaking itself in.
I wish! lol
Well, this time I took a more precise measurement, and I still got 11.7 l/100km :eek:... during the first service, I was told it might be the engine oil, so I'd have to see with the new oil (and until the next service), how the mileage changes... :(

well, it hasn't changed yet, so I'm suspecting the ECU might be the problem... my next maintenance service is on Nov 5... so all I can do right now is hope that it's from the ECU and it will be fixed... :p
Just crossed over 1000km on the clock now. First tank (lots of hways showing the car off to everyone) meant I got 580km on the tank. 2nd tank (stop start only) only lasted 450. 3rd tank is looking the same as the 2nd.
Hope that getting run in will improve it...
I'm currently getting 7.6L/100km or just over 30mpg. I have 2200 miles (3540 km) on the odometer. 4spd auto EX.
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